The Lunar Project

Harness the Power of the Monthly Moon Cycles Through Sacred Ritual, Meditation and Ceremony

It is more important than ever for us to connect back to our intuition. The Lunar Project is an invitation to reconnect to the pure wisdom within, to reclaim power and to remember who you are.

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There are times in life when you need to just draw a line in the sand and



Give yourself permission to let go, heal and release.

Declare and initiate new beginnings.

Make vows, commitments and set powerful new intentions.

What Is Ritual

Ritual is an action done in a set way with a purpose greater than the act itself.

Ritual has been a part of the human experience from as far back as we have recorded history.    

Engaging in ritual is a moment of actively participating in how you wish to define yourself and how you wish to interpret your life experiences. It is so empowering!

The Lunar Project invites you to engage in regular ritual with the cycles of the moon with the ultimate intention of supporting you towards releasing, healing, initiating new beginnings, setting potent intentions and committing to living a more sacred life.


Why The Moon

The moon is universal. It is beyond religion and it is beyond spirituality. Always facing us and forever in our orbit, it holds together our oceans and supports the natural harmony on Earth. The moon connects people all over the world and holds us to a timing that is consistent as we are guided through the 29.5 day lunar month cycle.

Our ancestors knew there was a magic in the lunar cycle and in fact there are still cultures on Earth today whose calendrical systems are based on the cycle of the moon. At any given time, everyone on Earth is in the same cycle with the moon, it really is a universal connector.

Something magical happens when you connect with the rhythm of the moon through ritual and observance of the lunar phases. When you connect with the moon cycle, you are putting your attention towards something in nature and not on technology for a moment. It is so natural and many find it soothing for the soul to just be with the moon.

There are actually 8 key moon phases each month but The Lunar Project rituals work with the 4 main phases. There are 2 x Main Rituals and 2 x Supporting Rituals.  Some months you might have time to do all four rituals and other months, you might find you can only squeeze in the main rituals. 

  • 2 x MAIN RITUALS: New Moon and Full Moon 
  • 2 x SUPPORTING RITUALS (Optional): First Quarter & Last Quarter Moon 



The New Moon is a chance to make a fresh start. It is a time to seed in new intentions, new hopes, new visions. It is the reminder that we can always start over in life.


At the First Quarter Moon we call in what supports and nourishes our intentions and what will give traction to the seeds planted at the time of the New Moon. This is a moment to anchor.


Full Moons are potent times of amplification and magnification. At the Full Moon we are ready to embody and release to the world our New Moon intentions to begin manifesting.


At the Last Quarter Moon the light is fading. Here we release, clear and reset in preparation for the new lunar cycle as the light reduces down to the dark of the New Moon.


The Lunar Project will support you to engage with your life in an empowered way!

After doing many profound ceremonies and thousands of Soul Sessions with people all around the world over the last 10 years (yes it's been her full time job!) Paula noticed three key areas of suffering that continue popping up over and over again: 


1. Caught in karmic loops in relationships.

That painful ache you get when you know you keep repeating the same relationship patterns with your partner, mother, father, boss, husband, wife, children etc.

2. Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed.

That out of control feeling you get when life or people do not meet your expectations and you are too exhausted or scared to deal with the situation.

3. Feeling stuck and caught at a crossroads.

That stuck lonely feeling you get when life is full of uncertainty. You are in transition and you know you can't go backwards but the future hasn't revealed itself yet.


WHEN LIFE IS TOUGH:   No matter how strong or powerful you think you are, negative things happens to all of us. There will be times when things get tough, life won't make sense, everything takes too long, nothing goes to plan, your heart will hurt, your mind will get frustrated and confused, your whole world view will be challenged and there will be moments where you will forget who and what you are and what life is really about.

The Lunar Project isn't about fixing everything. It's about finding a way to come back to yourself when life is tough.

When we connect back to our natural wisdom, we find it easier to listen to our soul intuition and to connect to the insights and commitments needed to move through the difficult parts of our lives and to solve our problems. Essentially, we can become one of our own best therapists.

WHEN LIFE FLOWS:  Then there are other times when life feels easy, like you are completely on the right track. You feel balanced, strong, powerful, you're growing, people respect you, you feel loved, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, all the hard work starts to pay off, your dreams are starting to become a reality, you're happy with the choices you've made and you're feeling good about who you are.

The Lunar Project is a profound way to work with the times when life is flowing as a way of deepening your connection to the sacred and to support your continued awakening journey.

By engaging with regular rituals we are connecting in at the soul level. At the soul level, there is no good or bad, right time or wrong time. At the soul level, we work with whatever is happening in our lives with no judgement, then, every moment, no matter what, becomes the grist for the mill of our own awakening. 

How It Works

Every ritual is unique as it is based on the astrological cycles which are changing every lunation. For example, the New Moon may be in Libra and the Full Moon in Scorpio and for that month Mercury may be retrograde which impacts the way we experience the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Paula is passionate about these greater cycles and she is constantly tuning in to what the greater cycles are and how they are impacting the collective and she weaves these dynamics into every single ritual!

You will perform the ritual in your own space and Paula creates deeply connected meditations unique to every ritual so you can journey deep in your own way, at your own pace with no interruption. 

Each month there are three main posts:

Post #1: Overview of the Month 
This post goes live at the beginning of the month just before the New Moon and provides an overview of the month ahead. It includes:

  • Dates and times for each of the 4 lunation's (so you can schedule them in your diary).
  • Themes related to the rituals based on Astrology and the phase of the moon. 
  • List of items you will need for the rituals that month (Note: Paula may add few extra items to the rituals as the month progresses but these items can be easily sourced and substituted). 

The next 2 posts include unique ritual instructions, a unique guided 15 to 20 minute meditation specific to that ritual, plus a list of items required to perform each ceremony. 
Post #2: New Moon in depth Ritual Instructions with Unique Guided Meditation
Post #3: Full Moon in depth Ritual Instructions with Unique Guided Meditation


••••BONUS RITUALS••• Sometimes there are extra Astrological cycles that aren't happening every month and are powerful to work with in ceremony. For example, every 6 months we have Eclipses. Paula has worked with Eclipse energy for many years and she has always found they are potent to work with in sacred ceremony. For these occasions Paula will sometimes create extra rituals to harness these sacred moments in time.


Q&A's: Every month, Paula will answer any questions regarding The Lunar Project, or anything to do with your personal practice. Paula will collate the questions and do a short video discussing the topics. If there are questions, Paula will post this video in the Facebook Group and on the membership site.

What People Are Experiencing

The Lunar Project has been running for over a year now and is evolving constantly. Engaging in regular ritual can become a touch stone in your life. Read below to get a sense of what you may experience when you join.

Helped me confirm my feelings and acknowledge deeper stuff happening and playing out in the outer world...

"Thank you Paula for guiding this deep work. My outer world has been so full and now I had time to connect inwardly. Even though I am late for the Libra first quarter moon ritual, your depth of insight helped me confirm my feelings and acknowledge the deeper stuff happening and playing out in the outer world. So much gratitude for you."

~ Tahnee



Allowed me to get in touch with my desires, intentions and needs...

"I was always in awe of the moon, but it wasn’t until I began The Lunar Project that I really understood what it meant for me. Tuning into the moon cycles allowed me to get in touch with my desires, intentions and needs more than I knew was possible. The clarity that I get from these rituals has helped me to recognise unhealthy patterns and let go of what doesn’t serve me.  It's a weekly reminder to myself of who I am and what I am here to do."

~ Katherine 


I've been able to drop out of the story and anxiety and back into a sense of peace and calm...

"Working with Paula and the Lunar Project has been such a gift. In working in this way, time and time again these rituals have allowed me to let go of my stuff, and anchor back into my truth, and clarity in such a deep way. They have taught me to see life in the context of greater cycles and through that I’ve been able to drop out of the story and anxiety and back into a sense of peace and calm. I love this work and would recommend it to anyone - no questions!"
~ Hayley 

Frequently Asked Questions


Work in ritual your own way while being held by sacred community


Even though you are performing your ritual in your own space, you will be invited to join The Lunar Project Members Only Facebook Community. 

This community is a safe and sacred space to connect and share your ritual experiences, to be supported and to be able to share with others who just get it! This is also a space where Paula updates regularly what is going on with the greater astrological cycles.

This way, you can make the rituals your own and you can take your ritual into nature and to sacred spaces that mean something to you!

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Meet Your Guide Paula Shaw

Ritual changed Paula's life for the better. Engaging in ritual and ceremony at turning points in her life gave her a sense of having power over how she experienced the events and how she interpreted these events.

Paula has performed and participated in many rituals all over the world from holy caves in India, to working with the power of volcanoes with priestesses to sitting in prayer and ritual with Monks and Nuns from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Paula also works as an intuitive guide where she provides one on one Soul Sessions working with people at a soul level to see their past / present / future and to work from there with deeper understanding.

A time came when Paula realised people needed to empower the wisdom that came through sessions and it was from this desire to provide ongoing support that The Lunar Project was born!

Paula knows that ritual is life changing when you really connect with it in the right way and that it is an act of power like nothing else!

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