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Monthly Astrology Snapshot

For the Lunar Cycle beginning at the New Moon in Scorpio November 14th/15th!


Last Lunar Month was so intense! I observed many people feeling overwhelmed and as though there was just a constant energetic heaviness and intensity. This month still has some big dynamics at play but we will hopefully begin to see some openings especially with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini!

We begin this month with Jupiter conjunct Pluto! This dynamic has been in sync with the ups and downs of the pandemic. The connections are undeniable and the great thing about this is that this is the final conjunction!

As we move through this Lunar Month, this dynamic will lose intensity as Jupiter will move away and release the pressure in the collective and hopefully this translates out as being the last upsurge of the virus and the final big lockdown. This is my prayer for the world!

Jupiter and Saturn are gearing up to move out of Capricorn where they have been working with Pluto...

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